Mark Andrews

Whilst working as a Conservation Educator at Twycross Zoo, a chance meeting with Birdlife International took Mark to Cameroon (in West Africa) for a project to protect the endangered Bannerman’s Turaco.  Further trips to the region, including an expedition to search for Mount Kupe Bushshrike, resulted in him guiding groups to look for these special birds.

This led to Mark leading tours to Uganda, Morocco, Israel and Poland, before switching his main area of interest to Asia where he has guided our Beidaihe trips for over twenty years, as well as conceiving the “Spoon-billed Pitta” tour in Thailand which he has led on thirteen occasions.

Mark is another WildWings guide with a passion for mammals, particularly wildcats, and he has guided our Brazil mammal and bird tour many times, as well as Snow Leopards in Ladakh and remains prone to pointing out mammals whichever trip he is leading.  Our Thailand tours, for example, now have an impressive cumulative list of species !!

A former Council member of OSME and a founding member of the African Bird Club, Mark is also a well-respected artist and has illustrated a number of publications, as well as paintings for private exhibitions.  He is now extremely well-travelled and when not guiding, his focus is on some of his “most wanted” wildlife experiences, be this iconic species or wildlife spectacles.

Chris Collins

Chris had been working as a wildlife guide for almost 20 years having decided to foresake a career as a Chartered Accountant to follow his passion for birds and wildlife.

Having conceived the idea for the West Pacific Odyssey, Chris worked with Rodney Russ and the late John Brodie Good (WildWings founder) to set this trip up and has been on every subsequent sailing.  He has guided trips all over the world including the Russian Far East Far, Amazon, Mexico, Antarctica and Central Pacific.

Chris has seen well over 5,000 species of birds on his travels and also enjoys watching cetaceans (ie whales and dolphins) and during the 3+ years he has spent at sea has seen more than 65 species, a total few others have achieved.

Chris has been on the Council of the Neotropical Bird Club for over 25 years and has been the charity's Treasurer since 1998.

Chris acquired WildWings in early 2021 and his company also owns another well-known bird and wildlife tour brand, Limosa Holidays.

Dick Filby

Dick grew up in Cheam, Surrey and has been an avid birder since before he went to school, although he had to wait until age eight to get his first binoculars, a gift for a field course in North Yorkshire. Since then, he has never stopped travelling across the UK and then the world in search of birds, mammals and wild places.  In 1978 he organised an overland birding trip to India and Nepal: seven months, four blokes and a VW bus, although the latter never returned due to ‘events’ in Iran and Afghanistan.

After working for the RSPB in the 80’s, Dick founded the UK Rare Bird Alert news service in 1991.  He was a founder member of the Oriental Bird Club, and with his passion for conservation also helped raise significant sums for the recent, successful eradication of introduced rats on the Subantarctic island of South Georgia, with the projected benefit of an additional 120 million nesting pairs of seabirds.

Dick is now a part-time resident of Norwich UK and Colorado USA, but is rarely at either home for more than a few weeks at a time, instead guiding trips in distant parts, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and a great variety of places in between.  He did not miss a year in Antarctica for three decades, nor has he missed an autumn on the Isles of Scilly since 1975.  Recent favourites have included guiding in Spitsbergen, Colorado and Ladakh.

Bob Flood

Bob Flood lives in the Isles of Scilly, UK.  He is one of the world's best-known seabirders and his many accomplishments include being the main researcher and author of the highly successful series of multimedia guides to North Atlantic seabirds. He is a Research Associate at the Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town. Bob has published many articles about tubenoses in leading journals.

As well as founding and leading “Scilly Pelagics”, Bob has a vast experience of organising international seabird expeditions and his “big moments” include being one of those responsible for rediscovering New Zealand Storm-petrel in 2003. Since then, Bob has continued to travel extensively in search of many of the world’s least known seabirds and some of the mythical species that he has seen are Bermuda Petrel, Fiji Petrel, Mascarene Petrel, Beck's Petrel, Titan Storm-petrel, and the ‘New Caledonian Storm-petrel’.

Bob has made multiple visits to Bermuda to study the critically endangered Bermuda Petrel and WildWings is delighted that he has agreed to lead this new and exclusive tour for us.

Nigel Goodgame

Originally from the UK, Nigel now lives in Arctic Norway, enjoying 24 hour daylight in the summer and the spectacular Northern Lights in the winter.  When not tour leading, he spends the summer months undertaking bird surveys and research on bird migration.  

Nigel was a founder member of the Neotropical Bird Club but in recent years his main passion has become mammals. With the extreme midwinter weather at home, he spends much of this period travelling to far-flung locations in search of mammals, with China and Brazil amongst his favourite destinations.

In addition to birds and mammals, Nigel is a keen Coventry City fan and regularly travels abroad to watch the England Cricket team.

Frank Lambert

Like most British bird guides, Frank birded all over the UK in his teens, first venturing abroad at age 16.  A few years later, he set out with friends (including Dick Filby) on an epic overland adventure, driving through Europe, Iran and Afghanistan to India and Nepal.  A couple of years later, he travelled overland from Egypt, through Sudan, Uganda and Kenya and since then has birded most parts of the planet, living in Asia for over 20 years and in South America for another seven.

After getting his degree in Ecology at the University of East Anglia, Frank spent four-years studying fruit-eating birds in Malaysian lowland rainforest and was awarded a PhD by the University of Aberdeen.  He went on to study birds at the famous Danum Valley conservation area in Borneo, before working for various international conservation NGOs (most notably BirdLife International) in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Subsequently he birded widely in South America, using Cusco, Peru, as his base.

Although Frank led tours in Southeast Asia in the 1990s, it was only in 2004, when Manu Expeditions employed him in Peru, that he became a professional bird guide. He has led numerous tours in Asia, Australasia, and the Americas.  Even whilst working as a bird guide, Frank has devoted much of his spare time to birding off the beaten track, as well as undertaking voluntary conservation work in the Amazon and Marañón regions of Peru, Atlantic forests of Brazil, in various reserves in Colombia and Paraguay, on Codfish Island (New Zealand) and in East Timor.

Frank has written more than fifty papers on birds and is the author of the Pica Press guide to Pittas, Broadbills and Asities.  He has made numerous significant discoveries including finding several new birds to science (Talaud Rail, Talaud Bush-hen, Sangihe Scops Owl, Rufous Twistwing) and is a passionate bird sound recordist and has made sound recordings of more than 4,500 species.

Fernando Enrique Navarrete

Fernando Enrique Navarrete has been working for our sister brand, Limosa Holidays, for many years and we are delighted that he has agreed to lead our forthcoming 'Iberia: Mammals & Birds' tour.  
Born and raised in the south of Spain, Fernando has been leading trips for many years and is completely fluent in both Spanish and English. 
He is an acknowledged expert on the birds and mammals of Iberia and will be leading most of Limosa's Spanish trips - for further information please see

Richard Webb

Richard Webb worked in Financial Services for most of his life but retired early in 2016 to enable him to pursue his passions for travelling and watching birds and mammals.  He has travelled widely in search of birds and mammals and has visited over 70 countries.  His main passion is mammals and particularly wild cats and he has seen 1,000 species including over 75% of the world’s wild cats. Richard has designed and led WildWings’ mammal tours to Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Sabah, Sichuan and South Africa.  

He is also writing a field guide to the mammals of South America for Princeton University Press.