Trips to the Antarctic Pensinula are possible from November until March, although the most popular (and recommended) time to visit is from December-February.  Many different options/ships are available but generally expect to have two outings each day with these being a combination of landings and zodiac cruises.
For many people who are fortunate enough to have been there, South Georgia is one of their favourite locations on the planet and when combined with the Antarctic Peninsula, it is a truly amazing experience. Available from November - March each year.
The Ross Sea is home to good numbers of Emperor Penguins and the historic huts used by Scott and Shackleton.  Visiting this region is a very different experience to the Antarctic Peninsula and only a handful of ships make the journey each year and then just in January and February.

An opportunity to visit the province of Ladakh in the high Himalayas of India in search of Snow Leopards and other high altitude species.  Two options are planned - a camping trip and a more comfortable homestay tour.


A special seabird tour with visits to some amazing remote islands including South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and Ascension.  In our opinion, the best seabirding voyage in the Atlantic.

One of the 'ultimate' seabirding trips in the world which travels from New Zealand to Japan.  The voyage starts with excellent chances for the critically endangered New Zealand Storm-petrel, continues onwards stopping at New Caledonia for the extraordinary Kagu, followed by landings in the Solomons and Micronesia before ending in Japan.  An epic trip with an equally impressive bird list.

An opportunity to see a spectacular range of mammals including Rusty-spotted, Jungle and Fishing Cats, Leopard, Langurs and more plus many of Sri Lanka's endemic birds.

A potentially 'one off' expedition which will look for the critically endangered Fiji Petrel but will also be targeting some other very special seabirds and island endemics.

The Grouse Leks of the High Plains and Rocky Mountains

A welcome return for the WildWings grouse extravaganza which will visit the leks of some of these normally tricky species.

A new tour which will be targeting some of the rare mammals of this wildlife rich South East Asian nation.
More details soon.  Please contact us to be informed when the itinerary and dates are finalised.


A unique voyage visiting Meinypil'gyno in remote Chukotka with the chance to see the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper on the nesting grounds.

An exclusive cruise developed by WildWings which sails from Manaus to Santarem with opportunities to see over 30 primates and some spectacular birds.

An opportunity to explore Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands with up to 15 species of auks, as well as Steller's Sea-eagles, Brown Bears and some great cetaceans.  For variety, this is arguably the ultimate trip in the Russian Far East.

One of the least visited corners of the Russian Far East but with some of the most amazing wildlife in this special region with chances for the spectacular Ribbon Seal and some of the best auks colonies in the world.

Easy to reach from Western Europe and only 600 miles from the North Pole.  The summer home to an abundance of wildlife with special birds, mammals and plants.


An opportunity to visit the most northerly point in the world and now possible in luxury as well as on a more conventional Russian icebreaker.

July and August is the time to visit the 'ultimate' Polar Bear destination which has the highest density of denning bears anywhere in the world. Walrus, Bowhead Whale, Snowy Owl and Musk Ox head the list of other target species.


A new trip looking for Iberian Lynx, Wolves, Brown Bears and Wild Cats in Spain with a great selection of birds also expected.

A WildWings charter exploring some of the most pristine parts of Amazonia on a general wildlife holiday staying on a very comfortable river boat.

Concentrating on finding some of the tricky mammals of this wildlife rich nation visiting three varied regions.

A mammal trip to look for some spectacular species including Red Panda and Pallas' Cat with the possibility of some great birds too.

Join this rarely undertaken expedition along the northern coast of Russia following in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers with visits to some remote islands whilst looking for some special wildlife.


The 'ultimate' penguin and albatross voyage visiting the subantarctic islands south of Australia and New Zealand seeing several endemic penguins plus a multitude of special seabirds.

A new trip to Bermuda to look for the highly endangered and rarely seen Bermuda Petrel.  The trip will be a combination of several small boat pelagics plus a visit to Nonsuch Island where the birds breed.

In the Wake of the Bounty:
Pitcairn, Henderson & Eastern Polynesia

A WildWings exclusive charter visiting Pitcairn, Henderson and other islands for some very special seabirds and island endemics.